Logistics outsourcing
for e-commerce

E-commerce logistics with no worries once and for all. Leave your logistics in our hands and focus your full attention towards expanding your business.

93 % of e-shops save transport costs with us

100 % of e-shops have more time to focus on their business growth

How it works


We connect your e-shop with our system and import your products


We physically take over your inventory and safely store it in our warehouse


As soon as we receive an order we pack the goods and ship them from our fulfillment center

Central warehouse for your growth

We deliver your shipments almost all over the world, we are currently shipping to more than 180 countries. Thanks to our strategic location and cooperation with local partners we deliver to 4 countries the next day after receiving the order.

Discounts with our carriers (20+)

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MySkladon app

We have developed our web app MySkladon especially for the reason of your time saving and for your comfortable use so you can focus on what is really important for your business. You will always have information about your stored inventory and its move - all in one place.

“I see the greatest added value in the MySkladon client application in accurate information about our stocks and details of individual orders.”

Simona Benková,

Process Manager Skinners

We are Skladon

Overall size of our warehouse area

Accuracy rate in fulfilling orders

Countries where we deliver packages

Sent orders per day

“Skladon is a logistics partner that has significantly contributed to our business growth.“

Lucie Konečná


Case studies

For a Czech outdoor and sportswear brand we provide worldwide supply of retail stores and distributors, including international deliveries to end customers from their e-shop.


staff reduction

“When we compared the price with logistics outsourcing, we found our own solution to be 10-15 % cheaper. But we were comparing our situation at the time. When I add all the investments and the quality of the service, the outsourcing option is significantly better for us.“

Pavel Kovář,

Logistics Manager Kilpi

We were a part of a rocket business growth of a Czech manufacturer of nanofiber materials products. At Heureka.cz we helped to increase customer ratings from 56 % to 99 % in a matter of weeks.


investments into own warehouse and WMS

“We only pay for the storage space we actually use. If you have a well established warehouse management and you monitor the turnover of goods, you can save thousands of euros a month.”

Lucie Konečná,


It all started with an extremely successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. For ultra-compact footwear we manage complete logistics from receiving to shipping to customers and B2B partners around the world.

6 years

cooperation with us

“At the company, we are glad that Skladon maintained an individual approach to us. If a problem arises, they try to solve it as effectively as possible. They are not hiding for anything, which is a lot of added value for me. It can be seen that they really have their client in the first place.“

Michaela Steinhauser

Co-Founder & COO Skinners

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7 advantages of the logistics outsourcing

Global growth

Expand your business beyond the borders of your country or continent - thanks to your minimal capital investment and our know-how.


Reduction of fixed costs

You pay zero for storage employees, rent and insurance of a storage space, electricity etc.


Transportation discounts

Thanks to the shipment volume of our clients you reach significant discounts for the transportation.


News from the logistics world

Logistics without worries in your reach

Do the best for your business. Outsource your logistics and get more time for investing in other key sectors. Outsourcing helps you expand effectively.