European fulfillment partner for your expansion

We are a logistics and technology fulfillment provider, equipped with a modern and professional distribution center, connected to a wide infrastructure that ensures fast and affordable delivery of your goods anywhere in the world from the heart of Europe.

Why to choose Skladon for your expansion

Flexibility in fulfillment

We are able to offer you both flexible warehouse space and dedicated staff for your e-commerce needs and growth. We work with each client to streamline their logistics processes, including the required packaging procedures.

Duty free zone

As a member of the European Union, we deliver our clients' shipments to member states duty-free. We offer tax and legal advice and provide a convenient solution following the introduction of new Value-Added Tax rules for e-commerce from July 2021.

Strategic location

Thanks to the location of the Czech Republic, we offer fast and cost-effective shipping across Europe within the next day (D+1 delivery mode). In addition to discounted shipping rates, you also get affordable storage and labor costs.

Bonded warehouse

You can use our distribution center as a bonded warehouse. Clear your goods only at the time of their dispatch, do not pay customs for goods that are damaged or have not arrived at all. Help your company's cash flow.

Transparent logistics

Each of our clients has their own access to the online app MySkladon we developed, where they have a complete overview of their logistics. Real time data, 24/7 and on any device with an internet connection.

Multichannel supply chain

Once we stock the goods from your manufacturer or supplier, we take care of all your orders – B2C, B2B and subscription. We also offer the possibility of connecting to marketplaces or price comparators. Depending on your preferences, we cooperate with 20+ local and global carriers.

Potential of the European market

Number of customers

Number of packages sent / year

Number of e-shops

Total turnover

Example: Start of a cooperation with a foreign client


Foreign client inquiry
[November 30, 2021]


1st contact with the client
[December 2, 2021]


Visit of our distribution center
[December 7, 2021]


Price quotation
[December 10, 2021]


Negotiation meeting
[December 17, 2021]


Signing the contract
[December 23, 2021]


Start of the goods dispatch
[January 6, 2022]

Logistics without worries in your reach