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Logistics outsourcing is not only one item with a price tag. Our service consists of many steps which influence the final price. Our pricing approach is responsible and individual for every single client.

What influences the price?

  • Goods receiving
  • Storage
  • Completation
  • Labeling
  • Picking
  • Packing
  • Transportation (including our carriers discounts)
  • Reverse logistics (refunds and claims)
  • Packaging and filling material

What do you get?

  • Modern and flexible storage space
  • Warehouse equipment for e-commerce
  • Robust cloud warehouse management system
  • Own IT team
  • MySkladon client app
  • Flexible warehouse processes
  • Trained warehouse staff
  • Extended transport options
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Project-driven onboarding

Logistics without worries in your reach

Are you thinking about the logistics outsourcing, and you are not sure if it is financially affordable? Download our logistics cost calculator! Calculate the complete costs of your own logistics and compare the result with the price of our service.

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Our indicative price list

Find out how much you will indicatively pay with us for the dispatch of the goods. Our prices are individual and always customized to your needs.
Naše ceny jsou individuální a vždy na míru vašich potřeb.

Specify your monthly orders volume



  • 500 - 999

    Number of orders per month

  • 1.12 EUR

    Order packing

  • 0.13 EUR

    Product picking

  • 0.04 EUR

    Material insertion

  • 1.38 EUR + 0.15 EUR/pc

    Refund processing

“When we compared the price with logistics outsourcing, we found our own solution to be 10-15 % cheaper. But we were comparing our situation at the time. When I add all the investments and the quality of the service, the outsourcing option is significantly better for us.“

Pavel Kovář

Logistics Manager Kilpi

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