nanoSPACE logistics: Distribution of nano face masks from zero to one hundred [case study]


Annual increase of 4,648 % with a turnover of 128 million CZK, an increase in the daily number of orders from units to hundreds and thousands or the complete launch of logistics outsourcing in 14 days. This is also how the year 2020 could be defined – as a turning point in the functioning of our client nanoSPACE. Read the story that was started by the global pandemic COVID-19 and gradually led to our today’s strong partnership.

In our example, however, you will find that the logistics outsourcing is also suitable, in addition to medium and large online stores, for startups or small e-commerce companies that plan to grow rapidly. As in a case of Skinners, we have prepared the case study for you in two versions. You can download the infographic or text version here:


nanoSPACE is the world’s first manufacturer of anti-mite pillows, blankets, sheets and nanofiber barrier sheets. Until January 2020, nanofiber protective aids, such as nano face masks, antiviral scarves, nanofiber respirators and more, were only complementary goods. Until now, nanoSPACE was more of a heart project, with operators believing in nanotechnologies and testing themselves as allergy sufferers that the products really work. The company is also a founding member of the Association of the Nanotechnology Industry of the Czech Republic and a member of the Czechia is nano project.


Autor: Tomáš Kohút

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