Skinners logistics: We have been shipping ultra-compact shoes since 2016 [case study]


Logistics from A to Z and a partnership based on open communication. This is a brief way to define our relationship with the Skinners brand, which has been going on since 2016. B2B and B2C logistics, product assembly, quality control of goods from production, delivery to 90+ countries, 10,000+ sockshoes shipped per month... Read the story about cooperation with a client who was among the first at our company and still uses our services.

Read in detail about our common history, how we've grown up and discover the client's best practices for working with a fulfillment expert. As in a case of nanoSPACE, we have prepared the case study for you in two versions. You can download the infographic or text version here:


One shoe. Infinite possibilities. This is a short way to define a Skinners product. Thanks to the patented technology and design, it offers a combination of freedom and comfort of socks with basic shoe protection. Michaela Matějková and Petr Procházka from Brno are behind the birth of this idea. A purely Czech project successfully started on the American crowdfunding portal Kickstarter in 2016, recently has won a number of awards, including Red Dot Design, Good Design or A ’Design. The company currently employs 12 regular employees, outsourcing its production and logistics. Forbes, CzechCrunch,, E15 or MediaGuru have recently written about “sockshoes”.


Autor: Tomáš Kohút

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